Professional Boyfriend For Women Only

Some men work to get pleasure from women. Bringing pleasure to women is my work.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. Many of today’s modern women are breaking away from outdated notions that were once considered taboo. Knowing that they deserve the very best in life they are opting to have their innermost needs and desires satisfied on their own terms. Although unique and special in their individual right, they crave experiences that bring a sense of fulfillment. Memorable ones that will always be cherished. If you are such a woman treat yourself to me. A DOMINANT and PASSIONATE Professional Boyfriend aka Straight Male Escort providing a no-strings-attached relationship to the demanding woman and couples.

We all yearn for companionship with another or others that make us feel connected, whole and satiated. We long for and often fantasize about spending time with a quality companion who captivates, intellectually intrigues, stirs the heartstrings, and deeply touches our souls. One you desire on your arm at that day/evening event, to share the hobby/activity that you feel passionate about and/or by your side in private.

Experience an Adventure(s) with me, your Professional Boyfriend, in which you can just relax, release all of your thoughts of criticisms, self-doubts, and worries relieved that I will take care of everything so that you can feel renewed and whole. The Queen Goddess inside of you will awaken and your life enhanced as you experience my mysteries. Based in the New York City and Northern New Jersey metro area but also available with sufficient notice in Washington, DC, domestically in the USA, and internationally as a special trip just for you. Click here to read more about me.

Sometimes we just need to forget about the outside world, challenges, careers, etc. and surrender to exquisite sensations that take us to a place of relaxation. Enjoyable moments where we can indulge the senses, excite the imagination, and embrace a luxuriating escape. Schedule some time with me. I’m here for you. You will have me all to yourself with my full undivided attention. Hopefully, I’ll capture your attention.

If this is the first time that you’ve considered a luxury adventure with a straight male escort please take a look at how my Professional Boyfriend companionship process works first followed by my FAQs page. Optionally you can view my blogs and any other pages on my website. Of course, you can contact me with any questions, or concerns. Click here if feeling too shy or nervous to get in touch with me.



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My Professional Boyfriend's companionship provides all the benefits of a "real relationship" except there's no drama or strings attached. Our relationship can last a few hours, days, weeks, months, or years at your pleasure. Perhaps you have a penchant for intelligent engaging, conversations with a masculine man who LISTENS with a sympatric, non-judgmental ear. Perhaps you long for a lovely Adventure of dining, cocktails, dancing, a relaxing Sensualsage, or Bondassage®. Maybe you crave a touch of something even more deeply sensual and erotic.

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About Me (Just A Taste)
Regret what you didn’t do in life instead of what you did.

Deep inside I’m a non-judgmental sensual warrior, lover of ancient indigenous civilizations, artist, deep thinker, and advocate for human rights & justice. I’ve broken bread with Massai Warriors in Kenya, eaten raw/live vegetarian food for six years exclusively, been foretold my destiny by shamans, owned businesses, and made love to some amazing women all along the way.

SKILLED in multiple SENSUAL HEALING techniques from Sensualsage to Bondassage® that will make your body quiver with delight. Rock-hard abs, firm rear, and STRONG hands. My touch of companionship can be MAGICAL and DEEPLY INTENSE.



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